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HirePower Personnel, Inc is a woman-owned and operated staffing and IT professional services business incorporated in 2002 looking to make the perfect match! Connecting business to people & technology

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Connecting People to Business & Technology

HirePower Personnel, Inc. (HPP) is a woman owned and operated Staffing and IT Professional Services business incorporated in 2002.

Are you presently working in the Information Technology, Refining, Marketing, Exploration and Production, Healthcare, Manufacturing Retail Distribution, Logistics, Payroll, Resource Planning Optimization, Geology and Geophysical, Finance, Administration, or Customer Service and would like to explore ways to advance your career? If so, we would like to hear from you! Take a minute to submit your résumé or check out our great job opportunities today!

HirePower Personnel, Inc is a Staffing agency looking to make the perfect match!  Are you a client looking for just the right employee? It is our priority to take the time to ensure the right match of skills to needs, experience to requirements and personality to culture. Our professionals have the knowledge and skills you need.

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