“I have had the great pleasure of working with HPP during my career in workforce solutions.  The company is a standout, in my opinion, with leaders that strive to work as a team to overcome any challenges that may arise along with being passionate individuals that truly celebrate people, success and growth in the right direction.  They were a proud partner that didn’t hesitate to participate when invited to job fairs and vendor showcases.  I currently recommend them to contractors and potential clients, because I know that I am recommending not just a company…but the good people within it.”

N.W. Talent Acquisition Manager

“HPP is a fantastic partner, in that they are responsive and professional. They are a very active participant in any spotlight calls, forums and summits we host, demonstrating to me that they are a solid partner. They are always willing to provide feedback to our program to assist with continuous improvement initiatives, but they also listen to our suggestions as well! We absolutely love working with the Houston office.”

J.F. Operations Manager

I must tell you, you are by far the BEST recruiter I’ve worked with!!!  I am ready and THANK YOU for the revision on my resume!!  The twelve tips were very good too.  I will call after the interview…and I promise to make you proud!

K.H. Administrative Assistant

I have been impressed with HPP and every department. Accounting and HR handled my onboarding and paperwork flawlessly. Recruiting processed my resume, scheduled my interview and I was hired professionally. Account Management followed my progress over the years. Paid attention to my project(s) , knew when my contract was about to expire and even got me a raise when I didn’t ask for one! My only regret was that I had to leave.

B.W. Admin. Assistant

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