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If you check your calendar, chances are the third Monday in February is ticked as Presidents’ Day. Many people enjoy the idea of kicking back and relaxing on a random February day, and they might be startled to learn that that is exactly what the idea is for!

In 1971, Presidents’ Day was moved in an effort to create more three-day weekends to boost and inspire greater productivity across the nation. It was believed that, come February, the restorative effects brought about by the winter holidays have begun to fade and wear off. This can make people need another break to regain some of the lost equilibrium that they might need to get through the year.

To help boost morale, here are a few Presidents’ Day activities that can be indulged during this free day:

Historical site seeing  

The history of the presidency can be learned at a variety of historical places that you and your family can enjoy together. The obvious choice is Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, but if you don’t want to travel and don’t reside in Virginia, your local history museum will undoubtedly include documents and artifacts that will enlighten your mind.

Historical tours

Take this time to dive deep into the history of the Presidents of the United States who aren’t widely mentioned. The names Lincoln, Washington, and Jefferson are well-known, but what about Martin Van Buren and John Tyler? Even though they aren’t as well-known as the greats, their tenure as President is significant in and of itself.