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“What is your greatest weakness?” is the dreaded interview question. The pitch always seems deceptive. Who discusses their flaws in an interview to make a good impression? Since this is a strong topic, you don’t have to use workaholic or perfectionism cliches. Your response can demonstrate self-awareness and professional growth.

Since this is a common interview question, you must respond concisely. Follow these five steps to handle this career curveball.

Consider your career weaknesses.

Accept the challenge. Review past performance reviews and manager feedback. Be honest about your professional challenges. Occupy. The business world demands soft skills like self-awareness.

What's Your Greatest Weakness? How You React

Consider your problem-solving methods.

You may have mentored or trained. Explain your actions. Problem-solving shows maturity.

Cover a weakness.

Strengths help us overcome our greatest weakness, so use one in your response. For instance, I’m disorganized. I’ve always been creative, so organizing isn’t my forte. I know my priorities and work hard. I will always submit high-quality work on time, even as I continue to improve my strategic organization skills.

Explain the interview.

Interviews are two equal parties discussing whether a certain arrangement would benefit them. An honest, open discussion benefits both parties. Take that into account. Your voice matters in this conversation, and how the hiring side views you is as important as how they view the business, workforce, and leadership. Mutual evaluation.

Write a response.

It’s complicated, so write your answer. This lets you contemplate it more. Next, practice with a respected professional.

Interview anxiety can make you feel out of control. Training your mind and body is best for this. Knowing you can answer any interview question will boost your confidence. Include business research in your preparation! It’s another way to stay calm and dazzle.

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