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It’s imperative to let your staff members know where to turn if they’re having trouble, especially if they consider serious issues. People who have struggled with depression for the entirety of their lives may be highly adept at concealing their issues. If a tragic loss has any upside, it’s the opportunity to raise awareness of this crucial problem.

What methods does your company do to address depression at work?

The cost of treating anxiety and depression is real. According to Mental Health America, untreated depression costs almost over $51 billion in lost productivity and absenteeism.

Employees who are depressed may be reluctant to report their condition for fear of having a negative impact on their workplace. They may be uncertain as to whether their insurance will cover mental health services. Employers can adopt a preventative approach to depression by ensuring that employees are informed of their alternatives and giving them enough time to get the care they need.

Three actions that you can start right at once to assist your employees are as described in the following:

  • Provide information to employees about the medical insurance plan’s mental health benefits.
  • Be attentive and encourage your team to watch out for one another. By encouraging a caring work environment, you have communicated that employees shouldn’t be reluctant to speak up if they require counseling for depression.
  • List the options available in your area, such as support groups, suicide hotlines, and mental health services.

Always check in on your staff members, whether it’s just to say hi or to have a quick chat over coffee. If you liked this article, please check out more on our website!