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Receiving an interview invitation is a rare distinction, and you should count yourself lucky because it means your CV stood out amid a crowded field. The interview, on the other hand, will almost certainly determine whether or not you are employed. Interviews are stressful, and when you’re nervous, it’s easy to make mistakes. While most interviewers may overlook anxiousness and stress, there are several habits that should not be ignored.

Recruitment Specialists would like all of our job applicants to have the best chance of landing the finest jobs possible, therefore we’ve compiled a list of bad habits you should avoid before going to an interview:

While waiting, grooming

Do not groom or squirm while waiting for the interview. These actions make you appear inept and disorganized. Do your touch-ups in the bathroom or in the car mirror before leaving the house.

Unsanitary  tendencies

It is a poor habit to have bad hygiene. Don’t take shortcuts with your appearance; plan ahead for the interview and avoid smelling like a smoke.

You exude a negative energy.

In any interview, and, for that matter, in any normal working environment, bad comments and a sour mood are a no-no. Be confident and optimistic.

While waiting, you’re texting

It may look that texting or browsing on your phone is a fun way to pass the time, but it is not. It indicates that you would rather be somewhere else and that you may be addicted to your phone.

Don’t seem overly eager.

It’s OK to be enthusiastic about your job, but don’t go overboard. You’ll come across as desperate, and you might even be dishonest.

Being overly reserved

When replying to questions, take your time. This shows that you are deliberate in your comments and not in a rush to go.

Incapacity to perform your homework

Nothing says “I don’t care” like a candidate who hasn’t done their research on the position or the company they’re applying to. Recruiters and employees will consider how many questions you ask about the role, specifically the tasks and responsibilities you will be expected to accomplish. Curiosity about the job shows genuine interest in the role and that you are not applying out of desperation.

There is no perfect formula that will guarantee you a job in any firm, but eliminating these bad practices will raise your chances of landing the job greatly.

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