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Unemployed? Not hired? Even though rejection hurts, use your business’s successes. This is a great opportunity to build a professional relationship with the recruiting manager and stay on track if another opportunity arises.

This person should represent you if another position opens. Despite not getting the job, you should keep going. Take this opportunity to express your interest in working for the company and your willingness to improve your fit.

If you weren’t hired, do these:

Send gratitude

It’s essential to express your gratitude to those who took the time to speak with you, interview you, and assist you in the hiring process, even if you didn’t receive the job. They’ll respect you for it and value kindness. Furthermore, standing out by writing a quick thank you note after being turned down for a job may help you develop your professional connections with the organization.

Be Perceptive

Being unemployed, you know hiring and rejecting candidates are hard. Tell them you appreciate their consideration. Since you’re a “warm lead,” they may call you if this person doesn’t work out. They may have a better opportunity for you. Despite declining the offer, you must be grateful, upbeat, and encouraging. Predictions are impossible.

Explain briefly why you love working for this company.

If you are afraid of being unemployed, let them know you’re passionate about the company’s work, they’ll know you can stay. Remind yourself why you want to work for this company. Talk about your “connection story” with the company, a conviction you share with it, or a time when something the company did personally helped you understand its value.

Request Help

To make this person’s help easy, ask the right questions. Keep in mind that they already know you, want you to work there, and believe in your ability to succeed. Since you’re a “warm lead,” make it easy for them to choose you. Inquire about:

  • “How can I improve my suitability for positions like this one? ”
  • “What must I do to qualify for opportunities like this one at your business? ”

In the event that another opportunity arises, your candidacy will be more appealing if you can figure out what needs to be done to “check off” all of the boxes.

Try to improve the relationship and ask about staying in touch.

To maintain this relationship, you must request it. This situation requires proactiveness. Otherwise, someone else may decide your future with the company, which is risky. Request contact. You could say:

“How can I best reach you? I want to be proactive to stay on your mind for opportunities. I want to work for your company, not get in.”

They will appreciate your initiative and willingness to take charge on their terms. It will also show how to maintain this partnership.

Thus, even if you didn’t get the job today, tomorrow may. Use your company gains to keep working! Not today doesn’t mean never.

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