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Several companies favor candidates that are well-versed in the relevant field when it comes to professional recruitment. While industry experience is beneficial, bringing in people from outside your profession adds a unique dimension to your team.

Continue reading to discover the advantages of bringing in candidates from diverse fields as part of your creative hiring approach.

Hard skills that are transferable.

Because some job categories overlap features across industries, hiring from one may make sense.

Ex-military personnel are employed by many energy companies because they have a wide range of transferrable skills, such as leadership and engineering. Despite their lack of experience, they will be capable of doing an outstanding work for your company. Approximately 14,000 military personnel leave each year, offering a pool of highly skilled professionals from which energy executives might draw.

Seeking new options

When hiring new employees, skills are important, but potential should not be disregarded. You can help employees grow and thrive in their careers by focusing on prospective prospects rather than exact matches. It also aids retention by keeping employees interested for longer periods of time.

Given that many prospective employees desire opportunities for personal growth and development, providing such opportunities can assist you in attracting individuals who are a suitable fit for your company’s culture. By valuing potential over expertise, you can expand your talent pool by forcing yourself to think beyond the box. To increase your chances of recruiting someone who will fit in well with your team dynamic, focus on criteria other than your job description checklist.

Expanding your pool of talent

Traditional recruiting methods and your candidate pool may have reached their limits. When it comes to hiring inside your current industry, you may find that passive candidates are harder to find and that employee referral networks have outlived their usefulness.

Increasing your set of candidates will also help you create a more diverse culture. If your candidate pool is made up of people with similar levels of experience, ethnicity, and educational backgrounds, expanding your search and seeking for talent in other areas may be advantageous.

Diversity and adaptability must be demonstrated.

Most firms’ ability to adapt and change in response to market changes is crucial.

Employing somebody with extensive industry knowledge might be challenging since they may become so acclimated to their existing way of working that they lose sight of significant industry improvements. Someone with less experience, on the other hand, may be more adaptive and change-responsive. If you need help attracting talent from outside your field, please do not hesitate to contact us.