Methods for Succeeding in Healthcare Recruiting

If you work in the healthcare industry as a healthcare recruiter or hiring manager, you know how tough it is to locate competent applicants. Due to a dearth of acceptable skill sets and high turnover rates, recruitment in this business is exceedingly tough. Following these tips can help you enhance your healthcare recruitment process dramatically.

6 Safety Tips for Manufacturing and Logistics Workers

Employees at manufacturing facilities are wounded far too frequently. You should be aware of how to keep safe at work if you work in manufacturing or logistics. Here are six safety recommendations to keep you safe when working in your field.

How a Staffing Agency Can Jumpstart Your Career

Staffing agencies benefit both companies and candidates alike, matching one with the other to create the perfect fit! If you are looking for a career in the technology, pharmaceutical, energy, telecommunications, or healthcare industry, work with HirePower Personnel! Here are some ways we can help you jumpstart your career.

Why Should You Consider a Career in Healthcare?

A healthcare career is very fulfilling and life-enriching, allowing you to change lives and contribute to society. Further, healthcare professions are constantly in demand, posing various opportunities for career growth. If you are thinking about pursuing a career in healthcare, here are four good reasons you should.