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HirePower Personnel has been in the staffing business for about 20 years, providing businesses like yours with manpower solutions. We have supported the growth of several companies and played a role in them thriving in their respective industries. Our mission has always been the same: to provide high-quality and well-rounded support to our clients, helping them access top talent that will serve as assets in their organizations. 

As part of our founding principles and commitment, we want to reach more businesses and bring value to their recruitment efforts. And we want to work with you. So, if you are looking for a staffing agency, choose HirePower Personnel. Why? Here are some great reasons.

Sister Companies and Offices Around the World 

While our headquarters is situated in the U.S. and we primarily serve clients in the country, we have a network of sister companies and partners who allow us to reach other markets and support companies in multiple locations. 

Through our network, our services expand to all U.S. States, Canada, Calgary, as well as Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Bucharest, and Romania. Moreso, we have a staff of over 75 members who support our company and work to bring value to your business. From recruiting and HR to finance, our team has always been our biggest asset. 

Filling a Broad Range of Roles 

Whatever your business needs are, the industry you are in, or the positions you’re looking to fill, HirePower Personnel can help you find and access the most talented and suitable professionals to join your teams. Our pool of candidates spans a wide range of roles, including, but not limited to: all non-clinical roles, administrative/clerical, customer service/call center, light & heavy industrial, hospitality, IT, engineering, finance/accounting, and general professional. 

In the last 12 months, we have placed the following job titles and more: Engineer, Designer, Material Handler, Forklift Operator, Production Assembler, Warehouse Associate, Clerical Assistant, Planner & Scheduler, Field Engineer, Quality Assurance Operator, Cost Analyst, Software Developer, Housekeeper, Cleaner, Patient Escort, Registration Clerk, Billing Representative, Receptionist, Call Center Agent, and Project Manager. 

Support for Contractor Needs 

HirePower Personnel believes that employee satisfaction in the job is an important aspect that influences their performance and longevity in a company. As part of our commitment to ensuring your business growth through providing staffing solutions, we also make it a point to support the contractors that we place in your teams. 

Every contracted employee is assigned to a contractor liaison from our team. This individual will be their single point of contract, addressing all their needs and supporting them throughout the entire process. Our contractor liaison representatives make sure that the employees we placed are happy, satisfied, and engaged through recognizing milestones, birthdays, and other special occasions that deserve recognition. 

Through these efforts, you can ensure that any candidate we place in your teams is there for the long haul and can share their expertise to help your company grow. 

A foundation of integrity 

Our core values and services lie on the concept of integrity, with us placing it at the forefront of all our interactions and relationships with candidates and clients. Through this, we are able to reinforce our commitment to provide you with only the highest level of quality and deliver our services on time, on budget, and efficiently. 

We value every engagement, which shows in our best practices and rigorous processes that are in line with industry standards. Our team possesses the value of accountability and observes stringent compliance with business ethics, core values, as well as governmental laws. With HirePower Personnel, you can be confident in a staffing agency that values you and strives to perform the best. 

Work With HirePower Personnel 

Upscale your staffing by working with HirePower Personnel. Get access to a pool of high-quality talents who will help your company thrive. Contact us today and get started.