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We frequently see lists of companies deemed to be “great places to work,” whether on a local, state, or federal level. What does it entail to build a fantastic workplace? Are there flexible work schedules, on-site child care facilities, fitness centers, and catered Friday lunches? Here’s how to make an “okay” workplace a “great” one:

The benefits

One significant (and pricey) perk is health insurance, which could contribute to the development of a favorable work environment. If you look it up, the large retailer Target being one of the big businesses to drop benefits for part-time employees while other companies like Whole Foods, Starbucks and Trader Joe’s are continuing to offer coverage for part-time employees.

The office

We can suggest a few other, less expensive methods for you to earn the title of “best place to work,” such as freshening up the office and offering a more liberal time off policy. Businesses that have outmoded office furniture and unappealing décor give the wrong impression to both consumers and employees. You’d be surprised at the positive effects new paint, new break room furnishings, or more comfortable desk chairs can have on employee morale.

The vacation or leaves

In order to trust their employees to work hard and then take breaks as necessary, several businesses have established unlimited PTO policies. Of course, this isn’t applicable to every industry, but it’s crucial for companies to keep in mind that employees have personal lives, duties outside of work, and a need for some simple R&R. Even adding one or two more PTO weeks goes a long way toward showing your employees that you value them.

What are some of the reasons why working for your company is a wonderful experience? Are you considering changes to improve employee satisfaction? Get in touch with us if you need assistance answering these questions.