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A staffing agency is an organization that has employees that can be hired out for short-term or long-term work. A staffing agency is also making mention of an employment agency. It gives temporary workers.

Hire Power Personnel is a staffing agency that is owned by a woman and incorporates also IT Professional Services. We are presently working in fields like Information Technology, Refining, Marketing, Exploration and Production, Healthcare, Manufacturing Retail Distribution, Logistics, Payroll, Resource Planning Optimization, Geology and Geophysical, Finance, Administration, or Customer Service.

HirePower Personnel, Inc. is devoted to the highest standards of accountability. Our team observes firm compliance with governmental laws and business ethics. We embed the highest degree of honesty in our partnerships.

We place integrity at the leading edge of all our relationships. HPP is devoted to giving the highest level of quality, on time and on budget, in every commitment. Our services follow accurate best practices and compatible with industry standards.

At HirePower Personnel, we bring full-service employment solutions to make administering your workforce effortless, giving a variety of recruiting and screening services to meet any budget.  Your business is unique and so is our staffing solutions. 

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