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An interview can help your company hire high-performers, giving it a competitive edge. Poor interviews can lead to the hiring of a poor performer who will drain the company’s resources for years.

Here are eight ways to improve your interview style and find top talent.

Identifying the skills needed to complete the task.

Determine the education, expertise, and experience levels you need in a new hire first. For instance: A bachelor’s degree in agronomy, five years of technical crop chemical sales experience, and excellent communication skills are required for this position.

Preparing for an Interview

Before interviewing, check resumes to see if they are high performers and meet job requirements. Ask questions to learn more about the candidate’s job qualifications. And after the interview, compare candidates’ answers by asking similar questions. Questions should reveal how well a candidate meets each selection criterion. Candidates need free-form questions to explain their qualifications.

Interview Success

Start the interview by describing the goals, background, size, and future plans of your company (the way we do things around here). Indicate upcoming promotions for the offer to draw readers. Get ready with pertinent inquiries. Make use of the later comments. Do not avoid. Examine whether the candidate’s special qualities align with the hiring standards or culture of the company.

Finishing the Interview.

Ask if the candidate has any job or business questions. This question can reveal how well the candidate understood the role and listened during the interview. Thank applicants and inform them of the response time.


Recap your notes after the applicant leave, doing so will help you capture their best qualities, skills, and potential. Use this data to evaluate applicants later. Notifying unsuccessful candidates promptly and politely maintains professionalism.

Following these steps will make hiring high-performers easier. Explore our blogs!