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The necessity for millions of firms around the world to transition to working totally remotely during the pandemic was rapid and unexpected. Many sector executives were concerned not only about guaranteeing good workflow, but also about preserving employee productivity, as a result of this dramatic change.

After a few weeks, though, they recognized the issue was the polar opposite.

Rather than fighting for motivation to work from home and stay productive, employees were having difficulty keeping solid boundaries between their professional and personal life.

Knowing this, the last thing they want is for people to return to work exhausted and burned out once the lockdown is lifted. As a result, they began to encourage employees to set boundaries and look after their well-being.

Here are a few ways to assist your staff disengage from work while they work from home:

1. Encourage them to divide their professional and personal lives.

When working remotely, having a dedicated workspace is vital for staying focused, but the same is true when it comes to shutting down at the end of the day. When you have separate work and play areas, it’s also easier to mentally switch from business mode to home mode.

They can establish specific zones for certain activities even if they live in a one-room flat. What counts more than the walls that divide each area are the responsibilities that they assign to them in their heads.

2. Encourage them to use their own computer instead of their work computer during their free time.

Separating their work tools from their leisure tools, as well as their work and personal life, is critical. The most apparent example is the laptop.

Instead of having just one laptop, most people have two: one for work and one for enjoyment. Business mail or professional tools should not be accessible from the personal laptop.

3. Encourage them to make plans for when they finish work.

When everyone is shut in and there isn’t much going on outside their homes, it’s difficult to break away from work. Encourage them to leave their workstation at a set time to go to the gym or meet a buddy for a drink. It is now more important than ever for employees to plan their after-work activities in order to prevent being late for work. If they establish plans after office hours, they’ll be motivated to “leave” work on time.

The COVID-19 issue will likely change the definition of “normal” in the workplace. Even if we don’t plan to go entirely remote after the lockdown is released, it’s a good idea to remember these points for when we return to the office. Taking care of your employees’ well-being may boost their morale and productivity, allowing your business to grow.

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