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In the past, a new hire’s first day of work would be devoted to filling out a ton of paperwork. They might have time to get to their workstation if they could manage to finish the maze of forms in front of them, but when they did, all they saw was a blank screen because IT was absolutely unaware that a new employee was joining the firm.

Sadly, this circumstance still arises. Most companies provide new hires with some sort of orientation session. But far too often, these programs are overlooked, poorly conducted, and managed.

This experience transforms an eager new hire into a worker who is disillusioned and disenchanted with their new company based on their first day of work. Your newest employee is less likely to return home and effusively talk about a great first day and will instead likely say, “Eh, I’m just glad today is over.”

Make your onboarding enjoyable and straightforward

Onboarding, the process of providing new workers with the fundamental information and training they need to thrive in their new positions immediately, must be simple, entertaining, and—possibly most importantly—repeatable.

A constant growth in innovative human resources technology has enabled employers to say goodbye to the tedious stream of paperwork and improve their employee’s first days on the job with an easy, paperless online onboarding solution.

The benefits of paperless onboarding

When a company uses a digital onboarding solution, all paper-based procedures are abandoned. Without passing a single piece of paper, payroll and administration are instantly updated with the new employee’s banking details, withholdings, necessary addresses, emergency contacts, and immigration status. Online onboarding allows new workers to study retirement and health plan packages as well as other company incentives whenever it’s convenient for them.

Building relationships

Most frequently, a new employee arrives at their new job with no contacts. The new hire just has a few quick interactions with the hiring team before being nervously shown about the workplace with simple introductions and light conversation.

Digital onboarding technologies can establish a social relationship before a new worker even enters the workplace. Once they have access to the onboarding software, the new employee can begin learning about their potential teammates, bosses, key executives, and responsibilities.

Hire a Staffing Agency

It shouldn’t take up the entirety of a new employee’s first day of work to fill out onerous paperwork and attempt to comprehend a maze of rules and regulations. Instead, go paperless and online with your onboarding so that your new hires may finish it all beforehand and begin working right away.

A smooth and inviting onboarding process is the key to improving employee morale, productivity, and retention. Our platform is simple to use for onboarding new staff. Send us a message to learn more about how to.