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A new job’s first day is always an exciting experience. It’s brimming with both excitement and apprehension. On this particular day, the employees are in an unusual mood. But how do you approach them as a potential employer? What are the most effective onboarding tactics for making people feel like “Yes, this is my place to work, and these are my teammates with whom I’ll be spending more active hours?”

Let’s look at some of the most successful ways to welcome your new employee on their first day:

Welcome Them To Their Team.

From the beginning, make sure they know who they’ll be working with and to whom they’ll report. Make a mental note of their job duties, but don’t press them. Allow them to regain their breath and gain a better understanding of their role and what they must do. They will be able to completely appreciate their obligations and prepare for future obstacles at this leisurely pace.

Make Them Aware That You Are Anticipating Their Arrival.

Telling someone that they are exceptional and that their presence is appreciated is the finest way to make them feel special. Prepare their workstation ahead of time and provide them with all of the tools and resources they’ll require on their first day. The rest of the team should also be notified about their new coworker so that neither they nor the newcomer are surprised.

Paperwork And The Joining Report Should Be Finished Sooner Rather Than Later.

While the paperwork and membership process are not very enjoyable, they are required. As a result, complete them as soon as feasible. A quick submission procedure can save you and the new employee time, which can be better spent mingling and gelling.

Give Them A Phone Number To Call If They Want To Take Action.

This is certainly something that is required. New employees should know who to contact if they have any complaints, in addition to learning about their vacations, incentives, team members, and work schedule. In the event of an emergency, it is vital that they know who to contact. Giving a detailed framework suggests that the company has a strong staff code of conduct in place, as well as an ombudsman system to turn to in times of crisis.

Make Them Feel Like They’re A Part Of Your Community

The sooner a new employee gets to know the corporate culture and community, the better. Provide them with an email address, a mailing list, and an offer to follow the company on social media. If at all possible, allow them to meet with top management in person. In the next days, all of these small activities will add up to a significant impact.

If you haven’t done so already, try including them into your next new employee onboarding program to see how much of a difference it makes. Check out our site if you want to read more stuff like this.