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There are some unspoken laws in the office. An employee and their boss have both an official and an unofficial relationship. In your official employment contract, you might find information about work hours, acceptable behavior, break times, and other rules that apply to your job and the office as a whole.

The office has a lot of rules and regulations that can be hard to follow. Things like this don’t get you in trouble with HR or the boss. These are the kinds of things that will make your coworkers dislike you and make you have to work alone.

Avoid hogging the spotlight

Teamwork is often overrated. Even though you think they contributed little, they may think they did.

Even if you think you paved the way, it’s polite to credit others. You’ll gain respect as a leader and coworkers’ admiration until the boss figures it out.

Never complain

Everyone complains about their job occasionally. If it’s minor and infrequent, don’t worry. Negative people should not lead the complaints.

Try to stay positive, but don’t force it. If someone complains too much, the group may agree, but some may think, “If it’s so awful, why don’t you just leave?”

It’s true that whiners are considered ungrateful. That’s unacceptable.

Experience matters

Some workers stay put for years. They may be good or bad team members. Most workplaces have this type of person. Even if you’re higher up the corporate ladder, you should respect long-serving employees.

Long-term workers have networks. They may not want to move up or leave, but they know their worth and can help you avoid major setbacks.

Be good

“Be a good person who respects others” is the unspoken code. Including more people in your lunch invitations or greeting people when you see them can make a big difference. Imagine how you would like your child to behave after learning manners.

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