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Companies like Google, Apple, and even Facebook are frequently praised for developing a hip and admirable company culture. There are many methods for businesses to build a culture that encourages innovation and productivity, whether it’s a dog-friendly office, video games in the break room, or an open concept floor design.

Be careful not to quickly discount the idea of a properly considered business culture. Be careful not to adopt the attitude that “paying somebody a paycheck is enough.” In particular, younger generations of employees desire to feel a sense of loyalty to their employers. They aspire to be a part of something greater than just a paycheck.

Recognize that there is more to life than a job.

Work-life balance is a hot topic, but it’s crucial for any organization that wants to retain its employees. Give your staff the freedom to tend to their families and other obligations outside of the workplace without being made to feel guilty or like lazy workers.

A fantastic time.

For each organization and industry, this will look different, so consider any modest ways you might inject some pleasure into your workweek. Can you set up the cornhole set or light the grill for a hamburger lunch on a Friday? How about a yearly “field excursion” to a nearby destination like the beach, mini golf, the movies, or ice skating?

Give your staff a voice, and pay attention when they speak.

They most likely have smart ideas if you employed smart folks. Establish a culture where employees feel free to voice their opinions. Afterward, wherever appropriate, give them a chance to put those concepts into practice.

Encourage creativity and innovation.

Giving staff members the opportunity to experiment and fail is frequently necessary to foster an innovative culture. Don’t dismiss ideas outright; instead, let them develop and see what happens.

Be receptive.

A trustworthy environment requires effective communication. Keep your staff up to date on events, from the top to the bottom, even if the news isn’t always rainbows and unicorns.

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