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If you’re new to call center staffing, creating a plan can be difficult. To reduce turnover, you must determine the optimal call traffic staffing ratio and keep employees happy. Since then, we’ve developed this “quick-start” guide to help you optimize your staffing strategy. Start planning for success with our best call center advice.

Expect the unexpected.

Expect daily surprises, with a full staff. Many employers overlook vacation, sick, and other time off. Staffing must cover these absences. Statistics to determine your ideal workforce require lifelong adjustments. Humans staff call centers. With enough staff, a few sick employees shouldn’t ruin your center.

Reduce Call Center Attrition

Any call center staffing struggles with attrition. If your call center could reduce hiring and training, you could save money and improve customer satisfaction.

Call center workers quit due to a lack of appreciation and motivation. Work-from-home options, competitive pay, and recognition programs can solve both of these issues.

Seasonal Rush

Truthfully. Everyone hates holiday work. As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, more workers may request family time off. Over the holidays, some employees could work remotely. Recent events have familiarized many businesses with the procedure. Even though it may not seem like much, removing the commute and letting employees take breaks for family meals will help you meet staffing quotas.

Compile Data

Call centers’ biggest decision is staffing. You’ll waste your time with too many workers. Goals can’t be met by understaffed teams. Exhaustion may cause staff turnover. You can fix this with tools. Enter your center’s call volume, call handling time, and service level. You can determine staffing needs with accurate data.

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