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HirePower Personnel gives you access to employment opportunities with some of the best companies, locally and nationally. We provide careers, in all fields, with long-term, short-term, full time and part-time assignments.  Working with HPP gives you opportunities to work with varied employer across different industries as you learn new skills and gain valuable experience.

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1. How to apply for an opening? 
The first option would be to do it from our portal with LinkedIn or Indeed. Another option is to send your resume to contact@hppstaffing.com on the subject specified in which position you are interested and the respective location, for example: "Production Graphic Designer" position and "Research Triangle Park, North Carolina" location.

2. How to search for a new opening?
Our new openings are posted on our portal, click on the find a job button above. You will be able to search by location, title, and keywords. You can also find our new openings on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. 

3. How long it takes to receive a response from a recruiter?
On average 24 to 28 hours to reply to those candidates whose qualifications meet our requirements.

4. How often and how we pay?
Most jobs are paid weekly with direct deposit.

5. Why doesn't the opening of my interested appear anymore in the portal?
This happens when the position is no longer available.