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Get an Interview by Following These Steps

Hoping to get an interview for the position you've always wanted? Follow these steps to increase your chances of landing an interview.

What Colors to Wear to a Job Interview

When going on a job interview, do you know what to wear? Read on for advice on what to wear to a job interview, and what colors to avoid.

Call Center Skills

To succeed in this industry, call center agents need a variety of customer service and support abilities. Read this to learn more.

What's Your Greatest Weakness? How You React

What is your biggest weakness? It always seems like a trick to get us to say something we don't want to say. Here's what you should say.

How To Hire High-Performers

How To Hire High-Performers

Successful interviews can lead to hiring high-performers, giving your company a competitive edge. Learn how to find and hire great candidates.

Unemployed? Follow These Steps

Unemployed? You should take advantage of the accomplishments you've already achieved. If you weren't hired, try following these tips.

When you read this article, you will notice that there are four unspoken workplace laws that will be discussed here.

Five Ideas For Your Call Center Staffing Strategy

Call center staffing can be tricky for newcomers. To avoid high turnover rates, you must determine the best workforce-to-call capacity ratio.

Commemorating 20 years of connecting people and work together

HirePower began as a woman-owned business created in 2002. As a result of our relentless pursuit of connecting people and work together, …

Businesses are looking at the potential regulatory difficulties these new tools may offer as recruiters use cutting-edge technologies. This article describes how to manage hiring in the light of ongoing technological advancements.

The first day of work for a new employee used to be spent doing a ton of paperwork. Sadly, this situation still occurs. These initiatives are much too frequently poorly managed or executed. Here's how you create an efficient and easy onboarding process.

Nowadays, businesses take numerous steps to safeguard safe working conditions. In order to ensure workplace safety, new regulations must be developed and antiquated technology upgraded. Workplace safety is crucial for a variety of reasons.