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As we all know, the job market is heating up, and employers are realizing that attracting top talent requires more than just a good starting salary. Workers have more leverage than ever before in deciding which job offers to accept and how long they will stay at a company before looking for new opportunities.


1. Remote work

Employees now have the flexibility to work from the comfort of their own homes. However, remote work does not always imply working from home; employees appreciate being able to work in a cafe close to their office or home.

2. Healthcare

Medical insurance provided by an employee’s company was the most requested benefit in a Glassdoor survey because healthcare can be expensive, and companies that offer employees regular medical benefits will attract and retain top talent.

3.Paid time off

Vacation days are a popular benefit among employees and one of the most effective ways for a company to attract new employees. For new hires, two weeks is standard.

4. Maternity and Paternity leave

Workers want to believe that they can continue their careers after giving birth. That’s why, when they’re looking for work, it’s such an important consideration for them.

5. Hiring people with disabilities

According to research, 92 percent of the American public favors businesses that hire people with disabilities over those that do not. Furthermore, 87 percent of the general public would prefer to do business with companies that employ people with disabilities.

6. Retirement Benefits

It is critical to think about the future, and most employees do. Offering 401(k)s, defined benefit plans, or other retirement plans at little cost to you, the employer, can help your employees save for the future and ensure they can comfortably maintain their lifestyle at the end of their careers.

7. Communication

“Employees want to be kept up to date on their jobs, performance, and the status of the company, and they want that communication to include recognition for their efforts,” says Raffo.

8. Contribution

Employees want to know that their efforts are contributing to the company’s success. This information should be provided by employers.

9. Casual attire

As an employer, you want to believe that your employees are comfortable and relaxed at work; this is where having a casual dress code can help, as long as there are clear guidelines about what clothing is and isn’t acceptable. This should be at the discretion of the employer.

Employees desire an ally, and employers can play this role by creating a workplace that not only recognizes but also supports employees holistically. One that offers enriching experiences, an accepting culture, and guidance to help employees achieve their individual goals.

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