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You certainly made the decision to outsource your temporary staffing needs since you required qualified assistance to fulfill the escalating demand for federal regulatory compliance. But what if you found out that the “professional” staffing company was placing your company in needless danger?

Here are just three instances that a staffing agency’s incomplete service could put your business at risk:

Provide insurance

We frequently don’t think about it until we absolutely need it, by which time it is usually too late. If a problem arose while your temporary staff was on the job, who would be in charge? Could it be that your staffing company’s lower hourly rate is caused by their inadequate and subpar insurance? If they have no insurance at all, you may also be responsible for paying a significant fee.

Use E-Verify

Employers are required to use the E-Verify program to confirm applicants’ right to work in the US. By using the E-Verify program, you can hire temporary workers without breaching the law. Breaking the law might result in criminal or civil penalties. You don’t want to deal with those concerns since you thought your hiring agency had completed the E-Verify process.

Utilize extensive background checks

In addition to protecting your business from hiring a person with a questionable record, are you and your staffing agency familiar with the new EEOC requirements for background checks and employment? Do you understand that you might be dragged into an EEOC complaint if your staffing organization didn’t follow the necessary procedures? Do you want a former felon working in your high-end electronics warehouse?

Instead, let’s say you hire a temporary worker who ends up being excellent at their job. To get him up to speed, you give him five months of instruction. Just as you’re about to extend him an offer for a full-time position, you run a background check and find a drug offense. You spent your time and money hiring this person because you thought the recruitment agency had already run a background check on them.

From a staffing company, you acquire more than simply workers; you gain the assurance and peace of mind that come with knowing you are hiring capable people who have undergone a careful hiring process.

Do you really want to put yourself at danger for a staffing agency? Or do you actually think you’re that? Is it worthwhile to take that chance? is the most crucial question. No, in our opinion. Employ a recruiting company with a solid reputation in the industry.