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Formerly known as HirePower Personnel, HirePower is all about hiring the right people for the right jobs reflected in our new slogan “Connecting People and Work Together. HirePower is dedicated to people, whether it be our clients, our employees, our candidates, or our industry peers that we work and collaborate with.

Everything that we do is for people — the driving force of our services, our work, and our 20 year legacy. We want this dedication to be witnessed and seen in everything we do, which is why we have refined our logo.

Designed with black that symbolizes strength and power and red that radiates energy and passion, our new logo embodies everything we are, believe in and strive for. The letter W is illustrated to reflect people, the main drivers of our success, and the reason we do what we do.
Our logo portrays YOU — our clients who have trusted us to help them expand their teams, our candidates who have given us the opportunity to drive their professional growth, and our own employees who do great work for the industry every single day.
This new logo is a symbol of our values and our commitment. But more so, it’s a reinforcement of our appreciation of our roots — YOU.
The refinement of the logo that defines HirePower is just the beginning. As we start this new year, we strive to keep innovating and improving to provide more quality services to the people that we care for and value.