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The first step in a successful recruitment process is to create a clear and effective job advertisement. However, this can be a difficult skill to master, so Recruitment Specialists have come up with 7 techniques to improve your job advertisements.

  • Recognize your own role – If you’re reasoning to yourself, “I don’t understand how to create the job look appealing,” you probably don’t know the job as well as you should, which makes it more difficult to market! You’ll end up re-writing the job description if you don’t have a clear grasp of the role, what it includes, and the requirements, which, as you now know, is a horrible idea.When you have a thorough understanding of the work, it will be much easier to summarize and transform into an appealing job advertisement that will attract many applicants.
  • Rewrite your job description only if absolutely necessary – On creating a job advertisement for distribution, you must make your position appear more enticing than the candidate’s existing position and the other job advertisements they are viewing. Make your job advertisement appealing by writing it as if you were selling a product; after all, you are attempting to sell your potential employee this job! Don’t just list the job criteria; tell the candidate why they should apply for your position. Make it exciting! This will aid in the recruitment of more applicants.
  • Bold and underline words to emphasize their importance. – Attract attention to the most important and interesting parts of your job advertisement by underlining or bolding keywords; this will make your ad faster and more efficient to read, resulting in more applications.
  • Include compensation – Including a salary (or salary range) in your advertisement is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase applications! This will possibly reduce the number of time-wasting applications and provide applicants with a realistic indication of the level of work they will be applying for. When you include a salary range in your job posting, you will often attract more qualified and well-suited candidates.
  • Write it exactly as you would say it on the phone – You could still be thinking about how to write your advertisement in the most enticing way possible. Create it as though you were selling it over the phone; you wouldn’t read a job description to an applicant over the phone, so why would you write an advertisement like that? When you’re writing a job ad, consider how you’d pitch it over the phone; keep it professional but not boring.
  • Include information on the business – Include some basic background information about your company so that the candidate knows who they are applying to work for; this is especially important if the advertisement is going to be posted on job boards or social media, where they will not have immediate access to the information on your website. It’s also important for you to provide information on the company’s climate and culture; people want to know that they’ll be working in a safe place with trustworthy coworkers. This will assist you in receiving more applications.
  • Examine similar advertisements – Last, comparing your job advertisement to similar job advertisements is a terrific way to enhance it. Analyze other advertisements and note which sections you believe are effective and which don’t; you may then use this information to write your own advertisement, being careful to eliminate the flaws of the others to make yours the best!

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