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Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for the things you’re glad for, whether it’s your family, friends, a new opportunity, or just the little things in life that bring you joy. If you operate a business, you may be forgetting to express gratitude to the most vital people who keep it running: your employees.

Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity to express your gratitude for all that your employees do and to emphasize their importance to your company. If you’re seeking ways to show your staff how much you care, consider the following suggestions:

Give them permission to take a day off

Every day, your employees work wonders for your company and put in long hours to ensure its success. However, they are not supermen or women, and they require rest as well. Allowing your employees to take a well-deserved break over Thanksgiving is the finest way to treat them. They spend the majority of their days at work, so give them more vacation time to spend with their families around the holidays.

Cards with a personal touch for thank you notes

Employees prefer to hear from their bosses that they are valued members of the company and that they are appreciated for the work they do. If you value your employees, you must communicate your gratitude to them.

Send a thank-you note to each of them. Rather than sending a mass email congratulating all of your employees, make it personal and thorough so they know you’re speaking directly to them.

It’s a fun way to distribute thank you letters by leaving them on your employees’ workstations! If you don’t have time, make it a point to send a virtual thank-you note to at least one employee each day leading up to Thanksgiving.

Create a space where people can express their gratitude

Set up a gratitude platform for your employees to share what they’re grateful for, and allow them to enjoy Thanksgiving at work. Make a gratitude wall on a bulletin board and have each member write down what they’re thankful for, or use Slack for a more modern approach. Remember to be the first to express your gratitude on your platform, and then wait for each employee to follow suit.

Plan a celebration to mark the occasion

Have a small Thanksgiving celebration at work if you want to go all out for your colleagues this holiday season. Make a list of activities that everyone can enjoy, and don’t forget to bring food and beverages. You can either have a potluck and invite each employee to bring a dish or engage a corporate event caterer.

This not only demonstrates your appreciation for your employees by throwing a party for them, but it also functions as a team-building event where your employees can have fun, mingle, and reaffirm their happiness with your company.

Make it as easy as possible for workers who must work on Thanksgiving to do their jobs

If your industry demands you to operate even on Thanksgiving, make an effort to make holiday work more comfortable for your employees. Allowing employees to work from home, reducing shift hours, or even bringing their families to work for a Thanksgiving activity or celebration are all options to consider.

Show your employees how much you value them

Don’t miss out on this chance to show your employees how valuable they are to you and your company. Use these ideas to arrange a Thanksgiving celebration for your company’s most important employees who help it grow and thrive!